Wonderful 2015


Its that time of the year again where friends, family, and loved ones are exchanging gifts, and spending the year end season celebrating and relishing the year’s significant events. Be it at a bar, in a restaurant, or just at a small poolside gathering with a couple of drinks, hot topics that never go out of date would surely resurface. So let us look back at the wonderful things that have happened for us; here at Lush Singapore, and give thanks where thanks is deserved.


As this would be the last entry of 2015, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our lovely customers who have journeyed through with us and showering us with unfailing support for our cause and passion. Our success in 2015 would not be achievable if not for you, yes you. You have our utmost appreciation for your patience, direction, and love.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” –John F. Kennedy

Next, we would want to thank our awesome staff here in Lush Singapore for their unwavering  commitment and passion, to our customers. Your patience, and diligence has created an everlasting ripple effect in the hearts of many of our supporters and this will definitely return in favor for everyone in the Lush Singapore family. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and your creative input and cooperation is greatly appreciated! Your expressiveness, personality, and enthusiasm is a character trait that cannot be shown on paper qualifications, it is a skill that can not be taught. Thank you for being the life of Lush Singapore.

staff thank you

As we come to the end of 2015, let us look back to this years’ happenings and a small insight of whats to come in 2016.

Our Charity Pot campaign has had tremendous success in providing for their respective causes. One of the campaign collaborations with Lush Singapore was with the Happy People Helping People Foundation beneficiary, which is a Non-Profit Foundation that provides assistance to the financially disadvantaged, not only in Singapore, but also in our neighboring countries, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our charity pot campaign has raised over $3000 for the foundation to use in funding their projects such as “Extend the Feast” to help reach out to more needy people in the heartlands, and bigger operations such as the construction of homeless shelters in Bandung, Indonesia. This campaign collaboration with Happy People Helping people created positive awareness to many Singaporeans who had no idea of the realistic social issues within our domestic borders. It opened our contributors’ perspectives to the lives of welfare dependent individuals who have trouble living today, and struggling to have hope for tomorrow. Many elderly people in Singapore are subjected to hard work under the toiling sun by collecting heaps of cardboard, drink cans, and/or anything of value to make measly living. And many of these golden veterans of Singapore suffer from backbreaking postures which would break the hearts of the compassionate. No one would be able to understand the hardship that they are in. This is why we are happy and proud to have raised both funds and awareness for Happy People Helping People’s cause.

Another beneficiary of our Charity Pot campaign is Oogachaga. This collaboration with Oogachaga is to support their operating expenses and training funds that will be used in 2016 for their employees. Oogachaga is a counselling and support organisation that provides services to individuals facing issues ranging from diversity and sexuality, to domestic and home violence. This campaign comes strongly tied in with our direction where support is given to small, grassroots sized beneficiaries that may be overlooked and would face trouble raising funds. Oogachaga’s efforts on supporting human rights caught our attention and we unhesitatingly proceeded with the collaboration and raised more than $8000 within a short span of 4 months. (June 2015-Sept 2015)


Another important milestone for 2015 was Lush Singapore taking in the Oxford Street Range of products and it is currently in our stores here in Singapore.


We have also opened a new outlet at Great World City Level 1, and it is our 4th successful opening. Renovation plans went out and construction went underway, and opened in August. We are positive about this years expansion and next year’s outlook.


We are looking into more charity collaborations next year to offer support and funding for more foundations in need of help and would be giving our flagship outlet at Wisma Atria a new makeover. If you have any suggestions, or would like to reach out to us for future charity collaborations, please contact us at campaigns@lushsg.com


arthouse-001 copy.jpg

At ARTHOUSE Meath, Christmas looks a little different. Forget snaking last minute shopping queues and soundtracks of endlessly looping talent show contestants, you’re more likely to find these Christmas cards lining the mantelpiece:

Dear Santa,
Please don’t bring me any chocolates because they’re very fattening.
+ Don’t make it snow.”

I would love to be snogged long and hard under the mistletoe,
by Simon Cowell.
With no mercy!”

ARTHOUSE Meath is a social enterprise showcasing the talents of those living with severe epilepsy, learning difficulties and physical difficulties. This Christmas, their artwork decorates the Winter Wonderland gift, captivating the eyes before you reveal 20 bathtime treats inside.

For, Becky Sheraidah, founder of ARTHOUSE Meath, it is the vibrant personalities of each of the artists she works with that make the enterprise so unique. “When I started working with the artists, I saw that everything they were doing was what every artist strives to do: pure, open mark making. I knew therein lied a business where people could feel valued and that there was a market for it as well.”

“There are over 3 million adults living with learning difficulties in Britain. They gain a really good education and up to the age of 19, they’re in school. When they get to the age of 19, really there is nothing on offer in terms of their daily life. That’s our goal. People can be involved in woodwork, in ceramics, in so many different areas that can result in a really positive end product.” 100% of the enterprise’s revenue is reinvested to support ongoing development and provide opportunities for even more artists in future.

Currently, many of the professional artists need 24 hour care and their skills were overlooked before coming to the enterprise, but “each has a way of seeing, a way of looking that no one else has”.

Sheraidah’s vision turned out to be prescient. “Most of the people when I came and set up ARTHOUSE Meath 10 years ago didn’t think they could draw or make art. Now, their work is selling in over 130 outlets in Britain. They are selling in Dubai, in Switzerland, in France; people are getting to know us.”

Winter Wonderland

“Each Christmas, a theme is decided. Everyone draws and then Emma Hill, an instructor at ARTHOUSE Meath, will put the designs together and work will start on the big piece. When you create individual works and one person’s work sells, others often don’t feel so valued. When you create a large piece where everyone’s involved, everyone is valued equally and there’s no limits to who can be involved.” said Becky Sheraidah.

Each of the artists added their own interpretation of a Christmas wonderland to a 2 metre high and 1.5 metre wide snow scene. Then, it was shrunk in size to wrap around the vivid green Winter Wonderland gift.  Like a Where’s Wally? drawing where most the fun comes from exploring everything but Wally himself, there’s serene cherubs and cheeky cherubs to find, children throwing snowballs and children throwing out steadying arms whilst ice skating, houses deep in snow and donkeys which have shaked off most of the icy shower.

This year, Winter Wonderland with its refreshing take on classic snow scenes can be found on shelves in-stores islandwide.

Discover more of ARTHOUSE Meath’s unique and often humorous works at http://www.arthousemeath.com/.

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Between houseguests, endless gift exchanges and crowds abound, the holidays (as magical as they are) have a way of leaving you feeling a little stressed out. Here are some simple tricks to help you keep your cool this holiday season.

1. Relax, take a bath

You had to see this one coming! Taking some time to relax in the tub is truly one of the best ways to unwind. Essential oils like lavender and vanilla help to calm and soothe your body and mind, so look to products like our Twilight Bath Bomb or Karma Bubble Bar to take your relaxation to the next level.


2. Set limits

The holidays are a busy time of year no matter how you slice it. Keep in mind though, you DO have control over what you commit to! Of course there are important engagements you can’t necessarily skip out on, but when your cousin’s friend needs a ride to the airport at 4am on a Wednesday consider making your own sanity a priority and saying no.

3. Aromatherapy

If you’re spending time at home, fire up your diffuser with a scent that will help you to de-stress.


4. Talk it out

If family drama or a heavy workload have got you feeling down, sometimes talking it out with a friend is all you really need. Meet up with one of your closest buds (and maybe a stiff drink) and have a good ol’ vent session—your frustrations are sure to turn into giggles in no time.

5. Stress-busting rubdown

Grab a friend and one of our solid Massage Bars and rub that stress right out of your body. Physical touch is incredibly relaxing, and even 10 minutes of massage will make your troubles feel like a distant memory.


What’s your favorite way to de-stress during the busy holiday season? Snuggling up with your furry friends? Watching classic Christmas movies? Let us know in the comments below!


Writer: Katy Cobb

Lushious gifts for guys

Let’s face it: guys can be difficult to choose holiday gifts for.

Of course you could get the men in your life another pair of crazy socks or a sudoku book, but why not surprise them with a little Lush love instead? While all of our products can be used by men and women alike, these suggestions are sure to delight the guys on your list this Christmas.


Kalamazoo Beard And Facial Wash was created specifically for the bearded folks among us. This creamy, citrusy cleanser contains fresh pineapple juice to zap away dirt and oil from the beard and face, plus some seriously softening jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter to tame even the most unruly of beards. With a light citrusy smell and strokably soft skin, their beard may attract even more admirers than usual!



Our entire range of Dirty products was created with men in mind. They are designed to create a seamless, layered scent when used together. Start with Dirty Springwash: it’s an invigorating spearmint and sea salt shower gel that’ll make mornings feel much more manageable. Layer the scent with Dirty Body Spray’s herbal tarragon and thyme notes, and finish up with a dab of Dirty Hair Cream, our firm-hold styling cream with woodsy pine and oakmoss. Check out Dirty Shaving Cream, toothy tabs, perfume and massage bar to mix and match the Dirty products that your guy will love.


Fancy picking up a gift that’s already wrapped and ready to go? Season’s Greetings will keep him feeling fresh and looking his best from head to toe, no matter what the season brings. It’s packed full of earthy creations like Outback Mate, a refreshing, zingy blend of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Peppermint, Lord Of Misrule, our spicy patchouli and black pepper shower cream, plus Seanik Shampoo Bar, to uplift and give great shine to his hair.

Christmas goodies so glittery the Grinch is after them.

Here at Lush we love glitter. We like to carefully craft it into our bath bombs, sprinkle it onto bubble bar dough and stream it through our shower gels. We love glitter so much that last year we introduced our own PET-free version into our products as part of our commitment to the oceans. Lush Glitter is now free from plastic, but our products have lost none of their shine.

With all this love of glitter, you can only imagine how excited the Lush Elves get when Christmas comes around. Dozens of sparkly new creations are excitedly handcrafted for the festive season and carefully wrapped up by our cosmetic chefs for the next stage in their Christmas journey. These fresh products are waiting below to fulfil their bath-time destiny…

Golden Wonder bath bomb

A bubbly journey into a new world of cognac and lime both relaxes and uplifts you. Perfect for indulging in nostalgic daydreams while gold lustre and soft stars twinkle at your toes.

Shoot for the Stars bath bomb

A honey-scented bomb which turns your bath the colour of the night’s sky. Streams of pink and silver lustre spiral through the water, whilst you luxuriate in a softening tub of bergamot and sweet orange oils. You may recognise this delicious fragrance from our Honey I Washed The Kids soap!

Holly Go Lightly bubble bar

Deliciously rich and spicy, we use enough silver sparkle on this bubble bar to satiate the most enthusiastic of glitter fans. Crumble under the tap and wait for the heady patchouli and clove oils to emerge from within their silver glimmer icing and take you to a leafy wonderland.

Snow Angel bath melt

Briefly visiting us from the skies, Snow Angel leaves the irresistible scent of Snowcake on the skin and a golden sheen in your bath. Floral layers of delicate cassie absolute, cocoa butter and radiant gold lustre pick you up and take you to paradise.

Snowcake soap

No stocking would be complete without a generous slice of festive soap, and our radiantly golden Snowcake comes back year after year to spread almond-scented goodness. Made with a caramel-scented benzoin resinoid to ease aching muscles and soothing rose absolute to beautify your skin, Snowcake is a thoughtful choice for sensitive skins.

First Snow dusting powder

A soft and festive dusting powder, shimmery enough to leave you sparkling under the Christmas tree lights. Scented with our delicious Golden Wonder and Celebrate Body Lotion fragrance, juicy sweet orange oil and snowflake lustre ensure you stand out at the Christmas party.

Combine your favourites for a sparkly bath-time cocktail, or smuggle these shiny treats into your loved ones’ stockings to guarantee a bright start to the festivities!

Silver glimmer and snowflake lustre turn your tub into a melting pot of glitter…

How To Choose The Perfect Gift

We love our gifts. We work hard to ensure they look fantastic and come in all sorts of shapes and colours. The only trouble is that with so many different gifts…which one to choose?

Our Gifts team really are a dedicated bunch, they know just how tricky it can be to find someone the perfect present, and they spend all day thinking about it.

Whilst the buying team come up with the different packaging materials, making sure they are all ethically sourced and reusable, the inventors are hard at work making new and exciting products to go into them! So, when it comes to choosing the right gift, you can pretty much guarantee that we have it.


Our fabric alternative to paper gift wrap. Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (a kind of wrapping cloth), you can either select one of our knot-wrapped gifts, already containing a selection of Lush goodies, or you can choose one of our knot-wraps and pick n’ mix the products you want to wrap up inside. The best part is, whoever receives their knot-wrapped gift won’t be throwing anything away, they can use their wrap again afterwards (or, in true Japanese fashion, give it back to the gift-giver). We have wraps made from Greenspun (a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles), or by a women’s co-operative in India called re-wrap. We also have a range of up-cycled Vintage knot-wraps which we select for you when you order.

Big boxes with lots of stuff

Gorgeous designs and full of products, these are for the big spenders among you! When you want to let someone know that they’re really special and deserve to be spoiled, what better way than to give them a whole treasure trove of treats? Our boxes are uniquely created, either by our in-house designers, freelancers or artists and illustrators – which means they’re well-worth keeping!


Limited edition tins

A tin is a gift in itself – it can be used again and again, and it’s full of wonderful products. We often commission artists and designers to create our tins, making them even more special and unique. (They also make for a more robust gift option, so they’ll survive long and rigorous journeys.)

Little and lovely

Just a little something to let someone know you’re thinking of them…our smaller gifts are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face without going all-out or bankrupt. From our soap duos to our petite parcels, sometimes it’s the small things that count.


Seasonal & special occasions

Every day is a special occasion! Whether it’s somebody’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day or the gift-giving giant, Christmas. In fact, our Gifts team start to work on the Christmas range in January – just after the previous Christmas! We love to celebrate every occasion with plenty of vibrant, exciting new gifts and our seasonal ranges are always full of new surprises and innovations.

When it comes to choosing the right gift, you can pretty much guarantee that we have it.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Spread some festive cheer with one of these gorgeous gifts…

Just because you’re sticking to a Secret Santa budget, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give a truly magical gift. Whether you’re spending a little or a lot, these seasonal treats are guaranteed to deliver some comfort and joy.

If you’re spending up to $15…



This vanilla-scented bear is ready to give you a snuggly hug with softening Fair Trade cocoa butter from Colombian Peace Community of San José de Apartadó.Creamy and pampering, this polar pal will melt hearts young and old.

Golden Wonder


Start a party of mood-brightening scents whilst sweet orange oil refreshes the senses. In the water, this present-shaped fizzer unwraps itself to reveal glittering golden lustre and a sparkling turquoise explosion. Don’t wait until Christmas day to bathe yourself in festive luxury!

Old Father Time


t’s the time of the year for lathering earthy and herbal fresh sage and thyme infusion with festive, juicy redcurrants over skin. This mystical soap with precious myrrh resinoid is sure to set the cogs in motion to take you from Christmas into the new year in style.

If you’re spending up to $25…

Santa FUN


This jolly Fun bar is sure to deliver! Build your own jolly Saint Nick using the different colours from this gentle Fun bar then use a little to wash hair and body.

Snowman Jelly


Wibble and wobble this playful snowman all over your body. He’s made with a refreshing and sweet scent, with added buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils for an extra mood boost. Seaweed and glycerine help this glide over your skin, leaving it soft and clean.

Five Gold Rings


Forget a partridge in a pear tree, you’ll want to skip ahead to the fifth day of Christmas to get your hands on these sparkling bubble bar rings! Crumble under running water for a creamy Fair Trade vanilla-filled bath, infused with skin-softening illipe butter and uplifting moringa oil. If you’re hoping for a ring come Christmas day, this might just be the next best thing.

If you’re spending up to $35…

The Night Before Christmas


Everyone is nestled all snug in their baths, while these pampering treats dance glimmering paths and while spinning and melting, they’ll entrance the gaze.
Great for fascinating minds after packed winter days.

Secret Santa


When all are sleeping, Santa’s peeping. When baths are splashing, Santa’s dashing. Great to give as a secret, but you will want to keep it. Grab it quick now and play before you send him away.

Joy To The World


A gift that’s this classic will shake up the town and pamper your close ones from the head down. So add luxury to stockings and sweetness under trees, each day of this Christmas is now yours to seize.

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Behind the seams: Magical Zoetrope

With its single fixed eye, Magical Zoetrope beckons you in. Weathered words wrap the drum. ‘See the magic inside’, they offer. You know it’s a call you won’t refuse…


  • Lashings of inspiration
  • 100% Recycled board
  • A spoonful of trial and error
  • 2 Spectacular animations
  • 8 Fantastical products
  • You (in your best spinning mood)

First, throw in a generous handful of inspiration and mix. To recreate Magical Zoetrope, add the excitement of Victorian toys, found at The Museum of Childhood in The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

“Most of the toys were behind glass, but one of the things that you could interact with was a zoetrope screwed into a counter. It was really great to see children playing with it”, said Adam Taylor, one of the gifts designers for the Christmas 2015 range.
Coined the ‘wheel of life’ in the Victorian Age, a zoetrope is an early example of animation contained inside a rotating drum. The viewer spins the wheel by hand and peers through cut out stripes around the outside. As the pace builds, a sequence of illustrations is sparked into life (much like a flipbook).
For a sense of mystery and intrigue, blend in the enigma of fortune telling machines from Musée Mécanique on Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.

Going round in circles

When your inspiration has simmered and you’re ready to start creating. It’s time to source sustainably. Magical Zoetrope is made from 100% recycled and recyclable board.

“I think a key word for all of the gifts this year is reusable. Of course people can recycle them, but we’d love to hear that they keep hold of them!” said Alice Heath, the gifts designer of Magical Zoetrope.
Testing it out is important, especially if you’d like your Magical Zoetrope to last. Alice said, “It is tricky! To create Magical Zoetrope all sorts of things need to be considered: fitting it on the shelf flat, but still being able to spin it; including enough slits at a large enough size to see through; and finding the right shape stud for free movement.”
Once the design has taken shape, it’s ready for illustration. Two simple sketches give the gift a timeless feel that suits the rich Victorian history of the zoetrope.

Reinventing the wheel

Now you’re ready for the filling! Remember to leave room for eight captivating bathtime products. A spicy black pepper oil and popping candy bomb hints at festive mischief, two beautifully bright bubble bars build up heaps of excitement and a sparkling Fun bar packs four uses alongside intriguing colourful bombs.
Like the static drawings inside the zoetrope, with each spin of wheel, each sketch and each test, your gift inches ever closer to life. The final ingredient is you. One spin and the magic will begin…

The final ingredient is you. One spin and the magic will begin…

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Meet the designer knot wrap.jpg

We catch up with Halla Koudsi and Jenna Russelle, founders of Toronto-based PRNT Studio, and the team behind the design of our It’s Christmas Dear knot-wrap.


Please tell us more about PRNT Studio. How did you come to base yourselves in Toronto?

Jenna: I grew up in cottage country in north eastern Ontario. After graduating from college I made my way into the city of Toronto for work.
I met Halla while working in house for a major Canadian retailer creating prints for apparel. We shared a desk! Over many coffee and lunch break discussions, we decided to start PRNT.

Halla: I grew up between the Middle East and Europe, and came to Canada to continue my education. I fell in love with the country and decided to start my career in the fashion industry, which eventually led me to meet Jenna!

What kind of work are you usually involved with, and what inspires you?

We have been very lucky to be involved in so many great projects. The majority of our work has been in apparel, but we have had the opportunity to work in cosmetics, home decor, accessories, and giftware as well.

Jenna: I am inspired by so many things. Current obsessions include vintage prints and graphics from the 1930s, French cinema, and contemporary illustration.
Halla: My biggest source of inspiration comes from travel. I love new cultures, art, people, music and architecture. I love how colorful the world is.

What’s your preferred medium?

Jenna: ink, guache, ballpoint pen, graphite pencil and Adobe Illustrator
Halla: ink, pen and water-colors. Also love pencil sketching, and of course digital mediums as one cannot live without it nowadays.

Is there a particularly memorable project/collaboration or highlight from your work to date?

Yes – working with Lush Cosmetics on super-fun holiday packaging!

How did you find collaborating with Lush on the Christmas gift range, and what was your inspiration for your work?

Our collaboration with Lush was really fun. There were a few different themes for inspiration that we worked with – William Morris inspired prints, a ziggy stardust theme and a retro holiday theme.

What was the process?

Suzie [head designer at Lush] contacted us with a selection of artwork in mind that she had seen in our portfolio. From there, we created lots of custom work for the project. Suzie sent us a bunch of really great inspiration based on some exciting visual themes LUSH was working with. We did some more of our own research on the themes and started sketching. Many of the prints started off by hand as drawings on paper, or paintings or even collages, which were then scanned and turned into digital repeats. After narrowing down the selection, we began to fine tune the colour and tweak the elements.

What’s next for your studio?

Further down the road we would absolutely love to produce our own line of product.

And finally, what are you hoping to find underneath the Christmas tree this year?

Jenna: I’ve been really getting into cooking lately and I’ve had my eye on a few cookbooks and kitchen gadgets. Oh and hey, anyone reading this can feel free to gift me some yuzu and chocolate bubble bars to help on the relaxation front!
Halla: a ticket to Brazil, I’m dying to go there. And Jenna, the yuzu and the chocolate are on me 😉

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Meet the 2015 Lush Prize Winners


Over the last 20 years, huge changes have been made in the world of animal testing, but we have so much further to go.

The Lush Prize is a major initiative aiming to bring forwards the day when safety testing takes place without the use of animals. Each year we award an annual fund of £250,000 – the biggest prize in the non-animal testing sector – so that we may celebrate the achievements made in fields such as science, research and campaigning with regards to pursuing alternative options to animal testing.

This year’s winners are:

Category: Public Awareness

SOKO Tierschutz e.V. – Germany

For its major undercover investigation and expose of invasive brain research on primates at the Max – Planck – Institute for Biological Cybernetics, which resulted in widespread media coverage and protests against animal experiments.

Beagle Freedom Project – USA

For its Identity Campaign that highlights the suffering of dogs and cats in taxpayer – funded laboratories in the USA and encourages the public to use freedom of information legislation to advocate on behalf of those animals.

Category: Lobbying

Mojo Mathers MP – New Zealand

A Green Party MP, Mojo Mathers has been a leading figure in the political campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals in NZ. Mojo will not be accepting the financial part of the award, which will be provided to an organisation of her choice.

Category: Science

Oncotheis – Switzerland

Oncotheis have engineered an innovative human lung cancer tissue culture model to test in vitro both the effectiveness and the toxicity of investigational therapeutics while sparing the lives of animals.

Prof Michael L. Shuler & team – USA

Body-on-a-Chip systems, operated with tissues derived from human cell sources, are capable of simulating the human metabolism, including toxic side effects. They can play a significant role in determining the success of new pharmaceuticals without the use of animals.

Category: Training

PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. – UK

For minimising animal testing under REACH (European Chemical Testing Regulations) through a series of scientific webinars and face-to-face training sessions for regulators, company representatives and contractors.

University Grants Commission – India

The UGC makes decisions concerning the curriculum that apply to thousands of colleges and universities. It has ended zoology and other dissections and experiments in education across the country. This could save up to 60 million animals annually.

Category: Young Researchers

Elena Kummer – Italy, age 25

For work contributing to understanding the extent and quality of allergic sensitization. The goal is to provide a simple assay based on the use of commercially available cell lines able to provide potency information, which is required for full replacement of animals in the assessment of the allergenic potential of xenobiotic.

Bianca Marigliani – Brazil, age 35

For research to replace the use of fetal bovine serum (FBS), obtained from bovine fetuses during slaughter of pregnant cows. FBS is the most common animal-derivative used as a medium supplement but has both ethical and technical problems.

Jeremy Caplin – USA, age 24

For work on an alternative to animal testing through the design and use of a “placenta-on-a-chip”. This chip is a 3D microfulidic device that serves as an improved method for drug testing and toxicology.

IIka Maschmeyer – Germany, age 29

Working on the long-term systemic interconnection of organs, focusing on the skin tissue, and providing a dermal application route for cosmetics and drugs to replace animal tests.

Dr Lena Smirnova – USA, age 35

For research on 3D organotypical human in vitro brain model development in combination with multi-omics technologies for (developmental) neurotoxicity testing (DNT). The research goal is to establish a high-throughput testing platform for in vitro chemical testing.

Congratulations to all the winners! To learn more about the Lush Prize and how to participate, visit Lushprize.org.

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